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Reporting children’s progress to parents is one of our most important professional responsibilities.  The partnership between parent and teacher is vital to securing the best learning outcomes for children.  Reporting to parents will be carried out both formally and informally. The school’s current formal reporting program is as follows:


End Term 1               

  • Parent Teacher interviews

  • Interim reports (Tambo only)


End Term 2                

  • Mid-Year written reports


End Term 3                

  • Parent Teacher interviews

  • Interim reports (Tambo only)                 


End of Term 4            

  • End of Year written reports                                     


Other forms of reporting to parents:

  • Entries by the teacher and parent into student diary where appropriate

  • Remarks and corrections in student work books

  • Individual Learning Plans where appropriate

  • Student Support Group meetings where appropriate

  • Phone call if required


Assessment and reporting are integral to planning. See Appendix for the Reporting Cycle outline.

Student achievement is reported to the Department of Education via the reporting system. After the mid year and end of year reports have been completed, student data is electronically transferred to the Department of Education.

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