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School Council

The School Council is a voluntary body composed of interested members of staff, parents, and community members. The School Council is charged with overseeing the financial management and the activities of the school.

We are fortunate as a school to have a dedicated hard-working group of volunteers who are happy to give up their time on a regular basis to make things better for others. Without the contribution of this group, we would not have all of the success our school achieves.

The School Council is made up of six parents, four Department of Education staff, two members of the community, and two students.

Current Members

Parent Members:

Alyce Richards (School Council President)

Keren Walker

Abbie Hughes

Alison Mitchell

Department of Education Members:

Robert Boucher (Principal)

Clare Edwards

Sarah Lord

Raymond Gallagher

Community Members:

Student Members:

Evie Walker

Each member's term of office (except for the Principal) is for 2 years. Half the Council membership is elected each year. Nominations are called for early in first term. If the number of nominations exceeds the number of positions, a ballot is held according to department guidelines. Parents are encouraged to nominate for School Council.

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