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Flagstaff Uniform

Students P-6 may wear the official Swifts Creek P-12 School uniform with logo. Please refer to the Tambo Campus uniform information.

Alternatively students may wear:

  • the red polo shirt with school logo or unbranded red polo school shirt

  • navy blue tracksuit pants, navy blue shorts, navy blue skirt or navy blue skirt

  • navy blue jumper or jacket

  • navy blue and white check dress

  • broad brim navy blue hat (compulsory in Terms 1 and 4)

Shoes should be comfortable and appropriate for the varied activities in the day and have closed toes-runners are suitable.

Unbranded uniform items can be purchased economically from most major department stores and match the colour of the official uniform minus the logo. This is often a good option as younger students tend to grow out of their uniforms quickly or wear them out. 

Tambo Uniform

Pants: Navy blue (not jeans)            

Shorts: Navy

Shirt: Navy or white short or long sleeved polo shirt with school logo

Jumper: Navy – windcheater, jumper, rugby top or polar fleece; with school logo             

Socks/tights: Optional – navy

Skirt: Optional – navy

Dress: Optional – blue school dress

Jackets: Navy polar fleece jacket with school logo, or navy blue windbreaker jacket with school logo.

Footwear: Black or brown covered footwear

Hats: All students are encouraged to wear a ‘Sun Smart’ hat whilst outside. Suitable hats with school logo are available.

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