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School History


Public education has existed in the Swifts Creek region for over 135 years. Swifts Creek School opened in 1874, initially providing primary level education, then extending into higher levels as time went by

In 1978 Swifts Creek High School was founded when the Swifts Creek and Omeo Consolidated Schools merged for the delivery of secondary education in a single Years 7-12 school. This school later changed its name to Swifts Creek Secondary College.

In 2010 Swifts Creek Secondary College merged with Swifts Creek Primary School to create a new school entity, Swifts Creek P-12 School. The school now operates on two sites, with the former primary school site known as the Flagstaff campus, due to its location under Flagstaff Hill; and the former secondary school site known as the Tambo campus, due to its situation next to the Tambo River.

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